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Tax regulations, returns, and assessments can feel like a foreign language

You need more than an interpreter-
you need a trusted ally to help you take charge

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We're tax accountants who specialize in supporting small businesses like yours. We understand the ups and downs, the twists and turns that are part of your world.

You need technical knowledge, support, and the kind of assurance that only comes with seasoned professionalism. We're a masterful tax team with expertise in nurturing small companies.

No two words cause more dread in small business owners than 'taxes' and 'payroll'.

We're here to transform that dread into relief.

What makes Zenally the go-to tax accountant for small businesses near me?

It's simple. We combine experience with empathy in equal measure. We understand business in Alberta because we're part of this community, too.

You can expect a unique blend of expert advice, friendly service, and practical strategies. We tailor everything to suit your business needs.

We remove the jargon, simplify the process, and aim to make your tax responsibilities feel a little less… well, taxing. Because it's not just about lightening your load - it's about adding value and clarity.

Ready to make tax time less daunting
and more doable?

We're here to cheer you on, provide the support you need, and celebrate your successes.

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Small Business Tax Accountants: Comprehensive Services

In this complex world of numbers and regulations, your business deserves simplicity and clarity. Let's cut through the jargon, toss out the indecipherable codes, and get down to what matters - your business and its prosperous future.

We tailor our comprehensive services, especially for small companies. We decipher the jargon and translate it into actionable insights for your business.

We provide a roadmap through strategic planning, tax returns, and compliance.

Tax Planning To Minimize Your Liability

The trials and tribulations of income tax - it can be a little daunting. We focus on proactive measures: no last-minute scrambles and no surprise fees. We'll work with you to develop a strategy to minimize your burden and maximize your savings.

We'll help you understand the ins and outs of income tax planning. So you can make informed decisions about how to structure your business and personal finances.

We strategize, plan, and implement techniques to minimize tax burden and boost cash flow. Our goal is to help you grow your business, not just survive.

Personalized Tax Preparation for Small Businesses

When it's time to file your return, you need more than accounting software. You need people who understand your business, its unique aspects, and how to make the regulations work in your favour.

That's where we excel. We'll help you take advantage of all available deductions and credits so you can keep more of what you earn.

Did you wait a little too long to start preparing for your T2 return?

Feel like you're stuck in a traffic jam when you're already late?

We can relieve that pressure and help you get back on track.

We offer a variety of tax preparation services, including:

  • T2 filing
  • GST/HST filing
  • Payroll accounting, T4s and ROEs
  • GIFI Reporting*

(* GIFI is a financial code. GIFI reporting is like translating your financial story into a language the tax department can comprehend with no fuss.)

Tax Compliance Services: Ensuring Accuracy and Peace of Mind

We're your ally in maintaining compliance while staying focused on your business goals.

Compliance is about following all the laws and regulations, not taking shortcuts. It implies doing things the right way:log your earnings accurately, file on schedule, and pay anything you owe on time.

Thorough compliance prevents legal hassles, penalties, interest, and cash flow surprises.

Streamline Tax Time with Alberta CPAs

Does keeping up with accounting and taxes seem like a never-ending chore? We can help with that.

Zenally is not merely a tax service; we're full-service Certified Professional Accountants. We combine our robust accounting and taxation services to streamline your financial operations.

From Tax Accountant Support to Full Business Management

We always tailor our solutions to fit your unique needs. They include:

  • Tax return preparation and filing
  • Payroll tax services
  • Bookkeeping and financial statement preparation
  • Financial planning and analysis
  • Estate planning and administration


Below, we've addressed some FAQs we often encounter. But remember, there's no substitute for a good, old-fashioned conversation. If you have a different question or need more clarity, ring us up!

Why should I hire a small business tax accountant?

You're building a business, and that's no small feat. We're here to help manage your taxes, freeing up your energy so you can focus on building your business.

You're not only hiring someone to crunch numbers. You're partnering with a professional who understands the ins and outs of the regulations. We'll help you understand how those specifics apply to your small business.

We're about more than compliance. We're about optimizing your tax position strategically while keeping an eye on your long-term business goals.

How can I find a small business tax accountant near me?

We provide services throughout Alberta and have accounting offices in Red Deer, Innisfail, and Lacombe. Reach out to us to start a conversation about your needs. We're only a call away.

Can Zenally help me keep up with changes in regulations?

You bet! Our tireless team is always up-to-date with all the evolving tax legislation. With this knowledge at our fingertips, we ensure your business stays compliant and on top of its financial game plan.

Does Zenally know the corporate tax details of my industry?

Absolutely! Our diverse range of clients demonstrates our ability to cater to various industries and sectors - it's what we love doing. We're experienced with:

  • farming
  • real estate
  • oilfield services
  • construction
  • retail
  • professional services
  • and many more…

We understand that each business has its own flavour and challenges. Rest assured, we're well-equipped to advise you with our wide-ranging business tax expertise.

What happens if my business gets audited?

No worries, Zenally CPAs are here for you through thick and thin.

We stand by our work and can represent you during all interactions with CRA. We'll assist you in negotiating and corresponding with both federal and provincial authorities. We'll tackle Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) audits, disputes, and objections side by side with you.

Will you look after my personal taxes too?

Yes, we prefer to handle personal planning and returns for our business clients. We aim for an efficient tax outcome that benefits you as an individual and as a business owner.

Remember, great planning is more than balancing numbers. It's about integrating all aspects of your financial life to create a finessed tax strategy.

We're eager to arm you with the support, insight, and strategy you need to grow and prosper.

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