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Agribusiness isn't about short-term solutions.

It's about years, decades, and generations.

That's why our team gets to know you and your operation,
where you're at now and where you want to be.

We understand the financial landscape and conservative values that drive Alberta's rural communities. We'll strive to understand what makes you and your business unique.

Zenally offers professional CPA accounting services tailored to agri-businesses. Here are some key services that we can provide to support you:

Business Strategy and Planning

Our CPAs will help you reach your goals and ensure financial compliance. We offer comprehensive strategies to boost revenue, cut taxes, and decrease business risk.

We'll help you implement these strategies, ensuring practical application and a positive impact.

Strategies to Boost Farm Profits

Our CPAs will help you do a deep dive to identify:

  • lost revenues
  • avoidable losses
  • ineffective practices that are increasing your expenses

We'll help you assess opportunities, risks, and resources.

Avoid running on gut feel. Enjoy the benefits of a well-designed business plan based on productive strategies.

Farm Tax Planning & Compliance

One of the biggest challenges for business owners is taxation.

We'll help you with nuanced tax strategies.The scope includes:

  • assessing specific credits and deductions available for the agricultural sector
  • income averaging
  • managing sales and use taxes
  • ensuring compliance with all tax regulations

Cash management can be challenging enough without the possibility of surprising tax assessments. We'll help you with an effective strategy that saves you money and ensures you stay in the good books of the CRA.

Tax Strategy Implementation

Devising a tax strategy is only half the battle.

Implementing these strategies requires a depth of experience and knowledge. We ensure strategies don't linger on paper. We bring them to life through action and follow-up.

Farming Risk Management Strategies

Risk is inherent in agriculture, but Zenally can help you manage and mitigate it.

Secure your livelihood against unforeseen events. Implement robust agriculture risk management strategies tailored to your unique challenges.

Strategies for Farm Capital and Financing

Do you want to expand operations or modernize equipment? Access to capital is a must.

We offer insightful financing strategies based on practical experience. Whether you run a farm, ranch, greenhouse, or apiary, we'll help you align your financing plan with your business objectives.

Agri-Business Structure Planning

We offer advice on structuring your ag business (sole proprietor? partner? corporation?) and help develop a plan to grow, diversify, or downsize.

Ready to optimize your operational management and secure your future?

Trust Zenally for professional guidance in farm revenue growth, tax planning, risk management, and more.

Let's grow your business together!

Professional Farm Accounting Services

You can expect precise accounting and financial management from our CPA team. Our goal is to increase your profits through more informed decision-making.

We provide transparent accounting services for all of Alberta's agricultural businesses.

Budgeting and Forecasting

It's not exactly exciting, but it's, oh, so rewarding. Maintaining your annual budget supports the financial health of your agri-business.

It's the foundation of sound financial planning. It helps you track income, control expenses, and forecast future financial needs.

Farm Accounting and Financial Reporting

Transparent and precise financial statements are the bedrock of a successful ag operation.

Zenally provides comprehensive accounting services. We ensure your financial statements accurately reflect the health of your business.

Cost Accounting and Break-Even Analysis

How can you assess the profitability of your operational activities if you don't know what they cost?

We'll help you track and allocate costs accurately to specific operations.

Accurate costing helps you manage your production costs for crops or herds. Knowing your costs helps you make better decisions.

Cash Flow Management

In the dynamic world of agri-business, the ebb and flow of cash can be as unpredictable as the weather.

We help ensure funds are available when you need them. We offer tools and strategies tailored to the unique cash flow cycles of your farming operations.

Capital Asset Acquisition and Depreciation

We can help you acquire capital assets, like farm equipment or calving sheds. We'll also help you manage amortization schedules for tax benefits.

Improve your financial health with Zenally's CPA accounting services.

From budgeting to asset management, we've got you covered.

Succession and Retirement Planning

The continuity of your farm or ranch is paramount.

Succession planning involves a complex set of considerations besides income tax issues. Yes, we safeguard your tax advantages. But we also assist with your family's transition goals, making sure the plan meets everyone's needs.

Ensure a smooth transition and preserve the legacy of your farm for generations to come. Put our succession and retirement planning services to work.

Government Grants, Credits, and Investments

We'll help you take advantage of government grants, tax credits, and other programs. This includes Agri-Stability Assistance and Agri-Invest.

Zenally will help you receive the maximum benefit from these funding and tax reduction opportunities.

Agri-Stability Assistance

Have you experienced market swings? Crop failure? Livestock diseases?

The Canadian Agri-Stability program helps protect you from significant declines in your farming income.

Zenally can help you navigate the program. We'll help you receive the assistance you deserve and remain in compliance with the program regulations.

Agri-Invest Advice

Investing in the future of your farm is not just a smart decision; it's a must-do.

The Agri-Invest program can be a cornerstone for cultivating a resilient financial foundation. It allows you to accumulate savings and matching government funds. It serves as a safety net for unforeseen downturns or as a springboard for expansion.

Zenally can be a pivotal ally in this endeavour. We'll help you judiciously manage your Agri-Invest contributions.

Every dollar you set aside in your Agri-Invest account is a seed planted for tomorrow's harvest. Let us help you grow your investment.

Administrative Services


Are you managing payroll for farm workers, including seasonal and migrant workers?

Are your payroll processes systematic, accurate, and in line with legal requirements?

Zenally can take on the burden of payroll administration and reduce the risk of errors or non-compliance.


You have enough on your mind. Opt for our bookkeeping service and never worry about the numbers again.

We focus on tailored solutions, cost-effective accounting, and using the latest technology. Our bookkeeping services can help your farming or ranching businesses to:

  • keep your finances in order
  • ensure compliance with standard accounting principles
  • avoid unwelcome surprises at tax time
Technology and Software Consulting

We can help you select and use accounting software to keep records, make decisions, and generate reports.

Or, we'll provide you with these services online.

Why Choose Zenally?

We focus on the future, understand where you're headed, anticipate your needs, and help you move toward your goals.

As CPAs, we hold certifications that demonstrate our expertise and commitment to excellence. We have decades of experience helping rural businesses like yours. It's honed our abilities to understand your challenges.

We commit to client satisfaction through long-term partnerships. We understand the unique challenges faced by rural professionals. Our team is here to support you every step of the way.

Our greatest sense of pride comes from helping you succeed.

Experienced in Agriculture Accounting

Farm businesses require specialized accounting services to thrive. Zenally brings decades of experience to the table. We offer tailored financial guidance to agri-businesses of all sizes.

We study every tax, grant, credit, or law change related to agribusiness activity.

  • Over 30 years of experience in agriculture accounting, consulting, and tax
  • Three Alberta locations to serve you
  • Experienced, engaged, and passionate about agriculture

We are proficient in a variety of agricultural sectors, including:

  • soil tillage
  • ranches
  • dairy farms
  • greenhouses
  • poultry operations
  • orchards
  • feedlots
  • market gardens
  • beekeeping operations

Let's join forces to cultivate the thriving future your farm deserves.

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