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Let Us Help You With the Most Cost-Effective and Accurate Bookkeeping Solutions

It doesn't matter if you're a sole proprietor, or larger business. With experienced guidance from CPAs, you can trust our highly trained bookkeepers to help you keep your finances in order.

How Can Zenally's Bookkeeping Services Give You Peace of Mind and Save You Money?

The team at Zenally understands the importance of maintaining accurate financial records for businesses to succeed. With our bookkeeping services, Zenally can help ensure your financial records are always current and accurate, giving you the information you need to make informed decisions for your business.

Our team of bookkeepers works under the supervision of CPAs. That means your bookkeeping process has the oversight of highly-trained professionals who can provide additional insights and ensure accuracy.

Duplicating work is a major productivity killer. By using the same people for accounting and bookkeeping services you eliminate the need for accuracy reviews, and possible communication errors between providers.

We can reduce your costs by ensuring that your bookkeeping is done right the first time, eliminating any need for expensive corrections at year-end.

We provide bookkeeping services to Central Alberta businesses from our Red Deer, Innisfail, and Lacombe offices.

Bookkeeping Services Supervised by CPAs

If you're looking for reliable and accurate bookkeeping services, we strongly recommend you consider bookkeeping services supervised by Zenally CPAs. Rest assured, you'll be placing your trust in the hands of certified professionals.

As CPAs, we put our reputation on the line whenever we approve financial information. We have the experience and the motivation to ensure your financial records are accurate before we endorse them.

Our bookkeeping services offer the assurance of superior accuracy through effective oversight, giving you peace of mind. CPA oversight provides extra assurance that your books are correctly maintained. Moreover, our CPAs are well-versed in tax law and can assist your business to take full advantage of deductions and avoid fines.

Competent bookkeeping services also support your business strategically. As consulting accountants, we seek to give you a comprehensive view of your business's financial state, along with strategies and recommendations for making financial decisions. To do that in a timely fashion, we need access to accurate financial information about your business.

The Advantage of Using a CPA-Supervised Bookkeeper

We don't work for the CRA

Yes, we'll be sure to collect the information needed to report and remit taxes. But, you need more from your financial reporting system than that.

Our accountants make sure your financial information is formatted to support the operational requirements of your unique business. We'll set you up with the right Chart of Accounts and financial reporting formats. You'll be able to trust your financial system to provide the data you need when you need it.

You can reduce expenses significantly

Our bookkeepers are trained and supervised by CPAs, so they can get bookkeeping entries done right the first time. You won't have to pay a CPA (at higher rates) to fix things. That can significantly reduce the cost of your year-end.

The accuracy and completeness of your financial records will be spot on. That can save you time and money by avoiding errors and potential risks.

What's Included in Bookkeeping Services?

CPA-approved bookkeeping services can be a great aid to your businesses. They provide important financial functions needed for filing and remitting taxes, and gaining timely insights into your company's financial performance . Your bookkeeping services can include, but aren't limited to:

Accurate record-keeping is the foundation for all other bookkeeping services. In precise terms, this means tracking income, expenses, and other relevant information needed for factual financial statements.

Our bookkeepers use accounting software (or your cloud accounting software) to track transactions. This gives you organized records with enhanced accuracy and traceability. You'll get more detailed financial reports, making it easier to forecast future results or plan for upcoming investments.

Reconciliation is also an essential part of any bookkeeper's job and involves comparing actual payments made or received against the details recorded within the books of accounts.

By doing this, bookkeepers identify discrepancies quickly so they can be investigated and rectified. Reconciliation ensures that your statements accurately reflect your company's actual financial position.

We create concise financial reports to give you valuable insight into your company's performance.

Meaningful reports present critical data in an understandable format so you can see at a glance how your organization is faring over any given period - days, weeks, months, or years.

You can make better decisions based on accurate, timely information.
Avoid relying on gut instinct or guesswork, which can lead to costly mistakes.

One advantage of producing reliable financial statements is that they can provide insight into areas for improvement. Regularly updated financials allow you to detect specific opportunities for cost savings or revenue increases. A clear picture of your company's finances can allow you to make well-educated decisions about investing capital in new areas or researching better suppliers.

You need to be ready to present your financial statements and related information on request. Presenting these documents demonstrates to investors, lenders, and potential vendors that your company is organized, dependable, and reliable.

If you produce inaccurate information, it can take months, even years, to reestablish trust with lenders or partners.

Your business will benefit if you choose CPA-approved bookkeeping services from Zenally. We offer weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual, and ad hoc financial reporting services.

It's important to know if you're going to have a cash crunch. No one wants to find themselves facing legal issues or unable to obtain financing for expenses.

Our bookeepers can help you track the amount of money flowing through your business to identify potential cash shortfalls, giving you time to react. We'll also help your business stay on top of debt payments and track payment due dates.

We offer a top-notch payroll solution for businesses of all sizes. We ensure accurate and timely paychecks for all your employees, taking the headache out of payroll processing for your business.

Zenally has trained our expert team to handle any payroll-related issues, leaving you free to focus on other important aspects of your operations.

Zenally's Payroll Services also include a variety of optional features, such as:

  • time and attendance tracking
  • timely remittances
  • automated tax filings
  • comprehensive reporting

With Zenally, you can rest easy knowing that your employees will be paid on time and that all related remittances and reporting requirements are taken care of accurately and efficiently.

GST (Goods and Services Tax) is an important aspect of financial management for businesses in Canada.

Understanding the intricacies of GST can be time-consuming and overwhelming for many business owners. This is where our professional bookkeeping services can help.

Our bookkeepers can:

  • determine the required frequency of GST filings
  • ensure accurate calculations of GST payable and receivable
  • expertly prepare and file your GST returns
  • help you avoid penalties and interest charges
  • keep you up to date on any changes in GST regulations

As an employer, you might be required to register with WCB and provide coverage for your employees.

Navigating WCB regulations can be complex and time-consuming. That's where Zenally's professional WCB preparation and filing services can help.

Preparing and filing T4 forms can be a daunting task for many business owners, especially those who are new to the process.

Check out our comprehensive guide to filing T4s.

If you decide T4 filing will take too much of your time and energy, then Zenally's professional bookkeeping services can be invaluable.

Our bookkeepers will ensure the forms are accurate, complete, and filed on time, minimizing the risk of errors or penalties for non-compliance.

If you've grown past the size where you can keep it all in your head, accurate budgeting is invaluable for your business.

We help small-to-medium-sized businesses create budgets by providing financial forecasts based on revenue and expense trends. Our budgeting services can help your business determine how much revenue it needs to stay afloat or decide if it's able to hire additional staff or increase investments.

Why Competent Bookkeeping Really Matters

Zenally's CPA-supervised bookkeeping services offer your small businesses a cost-effective solution, allowing you frequent and timely insight into your financial well-being. They save you time & money while producing reliable results for government compliance purposes & evaluations of efficiency throughout your operations.

Accurate records are the foundation of correct reporting, confident forecasts, protection against tax audits, and proper funds management.

Competent bookkeeping services provide valuable information regarding your business's long-term stability and potential areas where you can achieve growth.

Professional Help with Managed Bookkeeping Services

Professionally managed bookkeeping services are especially important for small businesses needing more experience to capture, protect, and report their financial information.

This includes keeping accurate records of the sources of income, expenses, assets, liabilities, and investments.

At first glance, seeking out professional help might appear to increase costs. However, these costs are often recouped in time saved or accuracy gained from using CPA-managed bookkeeping services.

Professional help ensures your records are consistent and up-to-date. We can help your business comply with relevant laws, generating needed reporting documents such as financial statements that align with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

Zenally bookkeeping services can provide you with experienced professionals to assist you with these tasks and more.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bookkeeping

Are you comparing the cost of an independent bookkeeper to a CPA-supervised bookkeeping service?

That's like comparing apples to oranges.

Yes, Zenally does prepare financial statements using bookkeeping records from an independent bookkeeper. While some records are very high quality, we find that's not always the case.

It doesn't save you money overall if you hire an inexpensive bookkeeper and then pay us to make adjusting entries to correct mistakes.

While bookkeepers can be highly knowledgeable in maintaining financial records, they do not have the same training, experience, or authority as CPAs.

CPAs are trained to perform complex accounting tasks, such as auditing, financial planning, and tax planning. They are also authorized to sign off on financial statements, which is a legal requirement for many businesses.

The benefits of using Zenally's CPA-supervised bookkeepers include improved accuracy in financial records, cost savings, and increased efficiency.

First, we ensure your bookkeeper understands the nuances of your business and its unique reporting needs. Then we ensure your financial records are reviewed and checked for accuracy, avoiding errors and potential risks. This can save you both time and money in the long run.

Using a CPA-supervised bookkeeper, you can reduce expenses significantly by avoiding inadequate bookkeeping that may require a CPA to repair (at higher rates).

Fraud is when someone intentionally embezels funds or benefits from your business, often with the help of others.

An effective way to reduce the risk of fraud is to outsource your bookkeeping to an experienced provider like Zenally. This avoids the risk of inadequate internal controls and ensures that someone is on the lookout for inconsistencies and irregularities.

At Zenally, our bookkeepers work under the supervision of CPAs with specialized training and experience in detecting and preventing fraud.

It's important to note that bookkeepers work without regulatory oversight and aren't authorized to represent you during a tax audit. A bookkeeper, who isn't a Chartered Professional Accountant, should never represent you or speak to the CRA during an income tax audit.

Only a CPA is authorized to represent clients during tax audits and can sign off on financial statements and tax returns. At Zenally, the bookkeeping team works closely with the CPAs to ensure that your financial records are accurate and complete. Our CPAs can represent you during a tax audit if necessary.

When the CRA's auditors come knocking, wouldn't you feel better knowing your financial records are correct and comply with standard accounting principles?

Putting Technology To Work

At Zenally, we use the latest technology and software to ensure accuracy and efficiency in bookkeeping. We can assist you in implementing these accounting packages:

  • Sage
  • QuickBooks
  • QuickBooks Online

Ask us about the benefits of using cloud accounting services.

Why Choose Zenally?

Bookkeeping is a fundamental component of running a successful business. Zenally's bookkeeping services can help ensure that your financial records are accurate and up-to-date. By using our CPA-supervised bookkeepers, you can:

  • reduce bookkeeping expenses
  • improve accuracy and completeness of financial records
  • increase efficiency for your business operations

You can relax during an audit, knowing your records are accurate and
we have your back!

Hiring our CPA-approved bookkeeping service can offer numerous benefits, no matter the size of your business.

Get access to experienced professionals who know how to help you best manage your finances. Whether your business is in Red Deer, Innisfail, Lacombe, or somewhere in between, we can help you save time, increase accuracy, and gain valuable insight into how you can improve your profitablity.

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