Phil Cruickshank, Partner, Zenally LLP

Phil Cruickshank CPA, CGA

I help small business owners throughout Central Alberta build better businesses.

When a business is properly set up with strong financial management it provides jobs and contributes to the success of our local community. It provides the owners with peace of mind, knowing their finances are secure and their retirement will be well funded.

When did you start at Zenally?

I started my own firm in 1990 and by 1993 Norm Perry and I were working together in a firm that would later become Perry Cruickshank LLP. Thirty plus years later and still having fun!

Describe Yourself in 3 Words

Thoughtful. Planner. Relaxed.

Who is Your Favorite Superhero?

The Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman. Who doesn't like a friendly neighbor?

Why Did You Decide to Do What You Do Now?

Always had a head for numbers. As an accountant in public practice I have the opportunity to use my skills to help lots of small business owners who struggle with the numbers game.

I love seeing my clients grow from struggling new entrepreneurs to confident, successful business people.

What Is Your Greatest Achievement?

Getting through the first five years of my business!

What Did You Spend Your Childhood Doing?

Getting into trouble - I was always pushing boundaries.

What's Your Favourite Coffee?

Don't do coffee, but I do have an "issue" with Coca cola.

What Do You Do When You're Not at Zenally?

Family time, anything Sci-Fi, and in the summer, working on my pond.

The One Thing You Can't Live Without

My family. As the youngest of 7, I have always been surrounded by family.


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