Cory Miller, Partner, Zenally LLP

Cory Miller CPA, CGA

When did you start at Zenally?

2015, but have known Norm & Phil for a decade before this

Describe yourself in 3 words

Professional. Integrity. Responsible.

Who is your favorite superhero?


Why did you decide to do what you do now?

I love the challenge of new situations and helping/guiding others in difficult or new financial situations

What is your greatest achievement?

Putting myself through university and graduating. Moving from a small town to the big city, not having my friends nearby or living at home was a major life change.

What did you spend your childhood doing?

Hockey, fishing, golfing, camping/hiking in the mountains

What's your favorite coffee?

Black, enjoyed first thing in the morning outdoors, preferably in a camping setting!

What do you do when you are not at Zenally?

Usually spend with the kids and their sporting activities, hockey, soccer, fishing, baseball etc. (Usually coaching these sports)

The one thing you can't live without

Hope for a better future


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